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tv   Cashin In  FOX News  November 8, 2014 8:30am-9:01am PST

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>> i also by the way want to thank the chair of the senate judiciary committee, pat tris leahy for being here on a saturday to show his support. so -- it's pretty hard to be more qualified for this job than loretta. throughout her 30-year career she has distinguished herself as tough, as fair, an independent lawyer who has twice headed one of the most prominent u.s. attorneys offices in the country. she has spent years in the tremp trenches as prosecutors fighting fraud, cyber crime all vigorously defending civil rights. a graduate of harvard college and harvard law school, loretta rose from assistant u.s. attorney in the eastern district of new york to chief of long island office, chief asubjective
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u.s. attorney and u.s. attorney. she successfully prosecuted the terrorists who plotted the bomb, plotted to bomb the federal reserve bank and the new york city subway. she has boldly gone after public corruption, bringing charges against public officials in both parties. she's helped secure billions in settlements from some of the world's biggest banks accused of fraud and jailed some of new york's most violent and notorious mobsters and gang members. one of her proudest achievements was the civil rights prosecution of the officers involved in the brutal assault of the haitian immigrant abner louima. she might be the only that battled all this and still the reputation for being a charming people person. and that's probably because loretta doesn't look for headlines.
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i could not be more confident loretta will bring signature passion and commitment to key priorities including important reforms in our criminal justice system. she has consistently proving her leadership and earned the trust and respect of those she serves, since 2010, she's been a member of the committee of the u.s. attorneys across the nation who advised the attorney general on matters of policy. and she has served as chair of that committee since 2013. so it's no wonder that the senate unanimously confirmed her toened head of the u.s. attorneys office in two separate situations. once under president clinton and once under my administration. and it's my hope that the senate will confirm her a third time without delay. and every stage in her career loretta has followed the principles of fairness, equality and justice that she absorbed as a young girl. she was born in greensboro, north carolina, the year before black students there sat down at a whites-only lunch counter
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helping to spark a movement that would change the course of this country. the daughter of a school librarian and fourth generation baptist minister, which meant she knew when to be quiet. intimidatin intimidating. the daughter of a librarian and minister. loretta rode on her father's shoulders to his church where students would meet to organize anti-segregation boycotts, inspired by stories about her grandfather, a sharecropper in the 1930s who helped folks in his community who got in trouble with the law and had no recourse ounder the jim crow system. i know if he were here today he would be just as proud of her as i'm sure her husband, stephen, is. i want to thank stephen, loretta's stepson ryan, her stepdaughter kia and her other family members who came here today. we appreciate you guys agreeing to share her with the american people a little bit longer.
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loretta spent her life fighting for fair and equal justice that is the foundation of our democracy. i can think of no better public servant to be our next attorney general. let me introduce to you ms. loretta lynch. [ applause ] >> thank you, everyone, and thank you first of all mr. president for that kind introduction. most importantly thank you also for your faith in me in can asking me to succeed an attorney general that i admire and a department that i love, to leave.
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no one gets to this place, this podium, this moment by themselves. i also must thank attorney general eric holder for your support and friendship as well as leading by scarp and always, always pushing this department to live up to its name. and i want to thank chairman leahy, senior officials of the department of justice, and members of the cabinet for being here today. to my colleagues in the u.s. attorney community and throughout the department, on whose strength and wisdom i leaned every day, thank all of you as well for your support both now and in all the work that we have ahead. and to my beloved office, the eastern district of new york, my professional home. you have twice now given me the privilege of being able to serve you and to focus on nothing, nothing but the protection of the american people. it has been a joy. it has been an honor. and i will carry you with me wherever i go. and, of course, to my wonderful
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family. several of whom are here with me today. all of whom are always with me in love and support. most especially my parents, who could not be here today, but are watching. whose every thought and sacrifice has always been for their children. they have supported me in all of my endeavors, as i strive to live up to their example of service. the department of justice is the only cabinet department named for an ideal, and this is actually appropriate, because our work is both aspirational and grounded in gritty reality. it's both ennobling and profoundly challenging. today i stand before you so thrilled and frankly so humbled to have the opportunity to lead this group of wonderful people who work all day and well into the night to make that ideal a manifest reality. all as part of their steadfast
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protection of the citizens of this country. mr. president, thank you again for the faith that you've placed in me. i pledge today to you and to the american people that if i have the honor of being confirmed by the senate, i will wake up every morning with the protection of the american people my first thought. and i will work every day to safeguard our citizens, our liberties, our rights, and this great nation, which has given so much to me and my family. i thank you again, mr. president and mr. attorney general, and all of you for being here. [ applause ] well, it's a wonderful day for them, their families and obviously very grateful [ inaudible ] and i think -- doing a great job on what was
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obviously a challenging mission. all right? [ applause ] and so there we have it. president obama nominated ro loa lynch to become the next attorney general. if she is nominate and confirmed by the senate she'll go on to become the first african-american woman to serve in that post. she is the u.s. attorney for new york's eastern district also wanted to say that if confirmed she will wake up every morning with the protection of the american people her first thought of the day, and she is also a daughter of a baptist minister as well as a school librarian and she includes her district brooklyn, queens staten island, nassau and suffolk county on long island. she is described as being a tough prosecutor with a low-key style. i'm kelly wright, and we're going to take you back now to
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"cashin' in." how about it, wayne? >> look, there's no questions that the republicans put up real diverse candidates, and the american people spoke. >> well, that's true, eric, but as i said, this is really a rejection of the president and the existing policies. you can't have an irs scandal, benghazi, fast and furious, james rosen and the a.p., you can't have a series of scandals, i don't care what you are, black, green, orange or red, it's immaterial. if you're going to have that series of scandals you're getting voted out. this was a protest voeft agaitee democrats. you don't hear anything saying it was a great think for republicans embraced free market ideas. it's not that. that may come to that but that requires intelligence and reading and somebody to do something. this is a vote against them and dose mistaken that. >> sure, eric, the gop is so
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against race and gender discrimination, why are we even talking about race or gender? that's the problem here. voters need to decide what they stand for and unfortunately new republicans i think stand for the same old message. >> all right. let's give them a little credit. give them at least a week to maybe change the message or turn the message in the right direction. leave it right there. you can continue the conversation on twitter right now. #cashingin. top trend or social media. we weren't on the air last saturday, it was the most active on social media, any time slot. working with twitter to bring amazing stats showing the power of you our view crew. watch for those stats next week. tweeted this picture. take that, harry reid and nancy pelosi. retweet that right now if you agree. coming up, the obama administration releasing another dangerous gitmo detainee and terrorist leader in the middle
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if you had any doubt about the release of gitmo dedeignese, check out this report. grating the latest bad guy getting out. get this. he knew about the release before the american people did. jonathan, disturbing on so many levels. >> monstrous, eric. we legitimize and embolden these animals, dealing with them rationally at all. how can you deal with them rationally, cut off american heads, declared war on america? and how can you trust a government that trusts enemies of america? israel's prisoner swaps have been a massive failure since the 1990s. we're going down the same rope, appeasing and placating enemies of america. >> think about that, five for one swap for sergeant bergdahl. it's extremely disturbing.
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negotiating with other countries before the american people have a say. >> think about this poor guy down in mexico, you know, who was a member of the armed services and somebody who we should have been rescuing a long time ago. you think about the swaps that -- what about the people in benghazi? we were, had a policy of we're going to take care of americans wherever they are, no american, no prisoner left behind, all that stuff. meantime, they sacrificed those people, the ambassador and the people in benghazi, no mention of that. but yet they are going to swap these guys who are running isis and those things and try to get for somebody who's minuscule and doesn't mean anything? insane. >> right. yesterday also, more news came out. president obama apparently wrote a memo to ironens secretly without the american public knowing and certainly without congress knowing. i don't know. they're doing all of this negotiation behind our back. good idea or bad? >> well, i don't understand. how can you negotiate if
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everything is public? nixon could never have broken through to china. i mean, you know, just impossible. reagan, remember, trying to do stuff to try to free hostages. every president has to have some degree of privacy in order to be executive. i want to respond to something jonathan said, our due process is critical. who we aring a americans, when you have people at gitmo, no charges against them, no trials, no due process. >> we're not talking gitmo, juan. >> that hurts our morals in the world. >> not talking about gitmo. whether the administration should be telling other foreign countries and terrorists about things that are happening before they tell us? >> well, first -- >> no. the demonstration -- no. juan. hold on. it's my turn to talk. we should not be sending press conferences over to terrorists before the american people find out about it and we shouldn't
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release these people. 20 to 30 detainees released actually joins isis and militant groups in syria. why are we doing this? they're not going home to be peaceful and join a cooking class. they're going to fight against us. our military has to encounter them again. >> a rhetorical question. juan, you can't answer it because we ran out of time. and coming up, defending a hollywood star over this hysterical commercial. one group wants it banned and we just want them to have a sense of humor. i (state your name), do solemnly swear that i will support and defend the constitution of the united states against all enemies foreign and domestic... ♪
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comcast business. built for business. hello, everybody, i'm uma pemmaraju in washington. president obama just announcing new york federal prosecutor loretta lynch is his choice to be the next attorney general replacing eric holder. if confirmed, lynch will be the first african-american woman to head the department of justice. new video out this morning as we learned two americans are on their way home after north korea releases them from captivity. kenne kenneth bae and matthew miller released by the north korean government. we will have the latest in a live report coming up in about ten minutes. and an additional 1500 troops deployed to iraq. president obama requesting another $5 billion for the war against isis, including the cost
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to send over those additional troops. coming up on america's news headquarters, we will speak with former israeli ambassador dan gillerman who will give us his take on the impact. join us. new meaning for the term pc police. a group add vacating for group afraid to use public restroom urinals are demanding networks pull this commercial. >> fact, i can't go with other people in the room. >> don't be like this me. get rid of cable and upgrade to direct tv. >> we can't say anything anymore in america without someone getting offended. time to get a sense of humor, right? >> man, where's our funny bone? i couldn't be on this show if i didn't have a sense of humor. >> you are the comedy of the show, juan. >> i think this is so crazy.
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you know, having been fired for just say something that's on my mind, i don't get it. i think these people are pc crazy. >> hey, wayne, you're a hollywood kind of guy, you're not offended by this commercial, are you? >> i'm not only not offended by it, i got to go to the bathroom, i'll see you guys later. >> well done. michelle, you want to take this one? i mean, literally, look, i'll tell you this, we know the commercial now, right? we know the product. >> look, i think the fact there's a shy bladder association is more embarrassing than having a bladder problem. this is america. okay. we fought communism. now we have to create associations to protect the feelings of people who have bladder problems? give me a break. >> we should have cleared it with wayne before the show if he had a problem. because we can't find him. your thought on pc police? >> wayne obviously has no problem making a number one unlike rob lowe.
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it's a joke. that's the whole point. just because you're offended by something doesn't mean it necessitates a response. all humor is destructive on some this is a very minor joke. level. i think the pc police would be best to forget about it and move on. >> juan, we actually defended chris rock, he made some pretty -- people were getting upset with some of the jokes he was making regarding 9/11. look, it's comedy, it's okay, right? can't we just laugh at ourselves once in a while? >> i think we got to laugh at ourselves. even the country music awards, this thing about blackish, whitish. people act like it's the end of the world. i say, have a laugh. it's just crazy to try to put everybody in a box, everybody in a straight jacket. that's ridiculous. go home. >> we would get wayne's final comment but he's in the men's room right now. we'll have to leave it right there. coming up, we'll try to find wayne. the victory party's over and it's time for conservatives to get to work. how they can get america back on
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track to prosperity. that's next.
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i want to say thanks to the crew for joining us. you can head to in to see stock picks. wayne, you all right? >> i want to thank you all so much. i feel so much better now, thank you. >> any time. >> i hope you washed your hands. >> it's time to wake up, america. time for big moves. time for painting big bold conservative colors. no more squishy republican pastels. the left and obama administration have had a sudden dramatic change of heart. apparently it's time to compromise. compromise? did they compromise on obamacare? we didn't want it. the president and his majority forced that monster upon us. no compromise there. did the president compromise when he opened the boarder for hundreds of thousands of illegal children, central american kids, to make themselves at home here in america? know no, it was his way or the highway. americans had the progress itch
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progressive agenda crammed down our throats. now president obama and minions want to play ball with the right now? sorry, democrats, you fumbled and the gop recovered the football. get legislation on his desk. dare him to veto a bill that would create economic activity. get a bill on his desk that allows corporations to repatriate 2 trillion in profits sitting in foreign bank accounts. profits that were already taxed over there. let them simply bring it back here to spend and hire american workers and american technology. it's a $2 trillion stimulus package that cost the taxpayer zero. i've been pressing that proposal for eight years here at fox. there are few who can find fault on that. dare the president to veto that one. and put up a legal immigration reform package that conservatives want. emphasis on legal immigration. veto that, mr. president, and good luck to your 2016 democrat pals. this is not a time for
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compromise. don't spike the football but don't waste this majority. >> president obama makes an unusual saturday announcement from the white house. >> i couldn't be prouder that today i can announce somebody who shares that fierce commitment to equal justice under the law as my nominee for the next attorney general. u.s. attorney loretta lynch. >> lynch will make history as the first african-american woman to hold the post if the senate confirms her to replace eric holder. we will get a live update for you. >> commander in chief has authorized secretary of defense hagel to deploy to iraq up to 1,500 additional u.s. personnel over the coming months in a


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